5 Reasons To Switch From Android To iPhone

Choosing between the two most popular phone operating systems today, Android and iOS, is the most important choice you’ll have to make while picking your new smartphone. Each OS has its own advantages, but lately, more and more users are making a switch to iPhones. Find out why you should do it too and shop phones from top brands, including Samsung, Apple, Infinix, Tecno, an HTC, on Jiji: https://jiji.ng/mobile-phones.

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Software updates

Apple is very quick to release new updates to iOS and patches for fixing the system, especially when the OS is under any threat. Regardless of which Apple device you use or which carrier you’re signed to, you can expect updates to be delivered to your phone immediately after the release. Given the endless number of brands who make Android phones, not every Android user can enjoy the same update speed.

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Both App Store and Google Play have hundreds of thousands of apps, but App Store has at least two major advantages. First, software companies are more likely to release their apps for iPhone first, while Android users usually have to wait longer for the release. Second, even with similar functionality, iPhone apps are simply better looking than Android apps and boast an overall more appealing design.

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Resale value

Most smartphone buyers are already planning their next smartphone purchase while shopping for the current one. However, not all phones have equal resale value. iPhones made 3-5 years ago are still going strong in the used phone market, while used Androids lose most of their resale value in under a year from the purchase. iPhones may cost more right now, but you’ll be able to make more money off them in the future.

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Easier choice

Right now there are thousands of Android phones from dozens of manufacturers, and those numbers are not going down. With this kind of variety making a good choice of a smartphone can be trickier than you imagine. On the other hand, Apple releases just 2-3 new iPhone models every year, which means that all you have to choose is the desired price range, screen size, and hardware to pick your ideal iPhone.

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If security and privacy is a big concern for you, the iPhone is definitely a better choice for you. Nearly every aspect of your iPhone use is protected better than Android: from apps to financial data and from cloud storage to messages. Both operating systems take the security of their users seriously, but Apple is simply better at it.


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