5 Red Flags For Buying A Used Car

A used car seems like a genius solution for owning a dream vehicle for a fraction of the price. However, there are also certain risks for the buyer that you need to know about in order to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Choose your new ride with confidence from top quality used cars on Jiji!

Odd smells

If you inspect the car before purchase and notice a weird smell coming out of any part of the car, consider it a big red flag. At the very best, a bad odour from the car means the owner didn’t take enough care of the vehicle. The worst-case scenario is the smell being the result of mould, which, in turn, was caused by a flood damage. Cars that have been exposed to water sustain damage to every system and should be avoided.

Low price

Good things cannot be too cheap – it’s the truth we all learn early in life. The same goes for used cars, especially cars that you find online. Research the internet to find out the average value of a car you want to buy, and if you come across an ad promising a staggeringly lower price for the same vehicle, there is a big chance it’s a fraud. The possibility of a fraud is even higher when the seller is in a remote location or asks you for an advance payment.

New paint

While it can be a nice surprise to discover a freshly painted 20-year old car for sale, keep in mind that the most common reason to paint the car before selling it is recent damage to the vehicle. The seller may have repainted the car to simply conceal minor defects, but if the car has been in an accident or is rapidly deteriorating, you will be dealing with much more than just chipped paint or a few scratches.

Anxious seller

It’s normal for the seller to be happy to sell the car, especially if they need the money for another purchase. However, there are some seller behaviour red flags to keep in mind. For example, if the seller is too eager to sell the vehicle to you, or if he prevents you from taking the car for a test drive or using certain systems in the car, or is avoiding a professional inspection by a mechanic, it’s better to avoid buying from that seller.


The ideal situation for buying a car is coming across an ad, falling in love with the vehicle, inspecting it and agreeing to a deal with the seller. In case you’re having serious doubts at any stage of the buying process, consider going for another car. Only when you’re absolutely sure you’ve found the car you’ve been dreaming of, proceed with the purchase.

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