MTN in Nigeria – airtime recharge online easy

Sometimes it is complicated to stay in touch even with close people. The least you can do is to make sure you remember to top up the balance and the airtime is recharged.

How to buy a recharge card online? You do not need a card. Simply open online recharge page and follow four easy steps. The right service helps users to buy MTN airtime online, provides possibilities for Etisalat and Airtel top up, and glo online recharge.

Good news: now you can buy airtime online, spending just a few minutes for this. Mobile recharge takes four simple steps:

  1. Indicate your number and amount of minutes to order MTN or other airtime.
  2. Receive a summary of recharge.
  3. Proceed to payment to buy airtime online.
  4. Recharge is done!

So if you are bothered by the question how to load glo airtime easily and without commissions, how to recharge MTN card with a few clicks, how to load Airtel airtime when you don’t have time to go to the shop to buy a scratch card, just buy airtime online.

What are the benefits of new mobile recharge app?

  • Airtime top-up takes less than a minute.
  • Users can buy airtime without commissions.
  • All major providers are in the list: recharge glo airtime, recharge mtn online, buy airtel and Etisalat airtime online.
  • When you buy MTN Nigeria airtime online, as well as other provider’s airtime, you can choose the desired amount of minutes.
  • Airtel, MTN, and other online recharge do not request to uncover many personal data.

Learning how to recharge MTN and other providers online guarantees uninterrupted communication with your friends, family, colleagues, and business partners. Discover innovative solutions to make your life easier and stay in touch.

5 Best New Smartphones Coming In Early 2018

The mobile phone industry never stops: right when you think you’ve seen the next best thing, a new exciting model is announced. 2018 promises to be even a better year for the industry. Here are the 5 smartphones coming soon that you should be excited about. 

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Nokia 9

One of the most anticipated tech events of the last year was the comeback of the iconic Nokia brand. This time Nokia phones run on Android OS and have a whole range of outstanding features. No date has been announced for the Nokia 9 release, but we can look forward to it in February 2018. The device is rumoured to have dual lens camera, high-end styling, and a stock version of Android, which is always a welcome sight.

Apple iPhone SE 2

Although Apple swore that the iPhone SE, released in early 2016, was the last phone designed by the company that had a 4-inch screen, this year all signs point to the iPhone SE 2 to come out in March. Like before, the SE 2 will be a combination of familiar 4-inch aluminium body design and features you’re more likely to find in Apple flagships like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, released last year.


In the past few years HTC emerged as the unlikely leader of the Android smartphone market, and the U12, scheduled for a May 2018 release, will only cement the brand’s position in the industry. The device will feature a nearly bezel-less 5.7-inch display, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of built-in storage, and premium metal casing, which is a notable departure from the glass bodies of previous HTC models.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Another year, another groundbreaking Samsung release – this time the world can’t wait to see the Samsung Galaxy S9. From what we’ve seen so far, the Galaxy S9 won’t look too different to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S8. However, big changes are expected to take place in the camera department; most importantly, the S9 camera is going to have an even faster autofocus than the S8.


The LG G7 continues the lineup of premium devices, most recently represented by the well-received LG G6. The LG G7 will sport both new and familiar features like nearly bezel-less screen, water resistance, and dual-lense camera. Nevertheless, the most important upgrade will be the phone’s performance: thanks to the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor the G7 will be able to successfully compete with the most powerful smartphones in the market.


How to buy used cars

or here – toyota rav4

Shopping for an old auto is like going concerning a money hunt. There are wondrous offers abroad there, and along the advent of the Internet namely an automobile buying tool, ye have each and every danger regarding finding a strong do over an auto to that amount meets you wants then matches thine budget.

There are lots about incentives after purchase back instead about new: It pleasure store thou cash over car insurance, registration, taxes and depreciation, which is the ruin of a car’s price fit to wear and tear atop time. It also makes feel due to the fact vehicles have in no way been extra reliable. It’s not exceptional because of half cars to be trouble-free because well on 100,000 miles.

Before we pace between detail, here’s an overview of the steps you’ll want according to absorb after buying a used car:

Set thine budget. Decide whether a good deal you execute consume concerning an auto and how many you’re running after offer because of it.
Choose the appropriate car. Pick the correct model based on thine needs.
Check reliability or ownership costs. Choose a car that’s much less in all likelihood in conformity with wreck beneath — then won’t ruin the bank.
Locate excellent ancient cars. Search online classifieds yet slave it the old-fashioned way, via on foot the automobile lot.
Price the cars. Use pricing publications yet find abroad as professionals oration the car you’ve chosen is worth.
Check the vehicle history report. Use the car’s car identification variety to parley its history.
Contact the seller. Save time by living the vendor then asking questions before you absorb a look.
Go over a test drive. Decide condition this is the appropriate vehicle for you yet proviso it’s in proper shape.
Negotiate the superior price. Use the statistics you’ve gathered within your auto inquire in imitation of agree in accordance with a fair price.
Close the deal. Whether you’re in the auto lot yet buying beyond a neighbour, thou hold in accordance with managing the price and bureaucracy correctly.
So that’s the simple outline. Now, let’s find started. (If such isn’t an old car you want afterwards all, test oversea guides concerning how much in accordance with buying a new car.)

Set your budget
There are without a doubt only joining ways for thou according to buy a car: Pay the money and receive oversea a loan. If you’re paying cash, budgeting is quite simple. But don’t consume whole thy savings. Remember to put in apartments for tie or insurance plan — then feasible future repairs.

Most people absorb outdoors an automobile mortgage consequently that be able to shield their financial savings than buy a greater steeply-priced model. It’s clever to find preapproved because of an auto loan because it simplifies the shopping for the manner and puts thou of a more advantageous role at the vehicle dealership. You’ll advise opposite what preapproval suits within the process

7 reasons to buy InnJoo Pro 2 NOW!

The fans of InnJoo Mobile haven’t fully enjoyed InnJoo 3 yet, but the company has just humbly announced the release of a new premium-class device – meet InnJoo Pro 2! The manufacturers call this new smartphone “upgraded in all aspects”. Well, basically it is true!

The new model has basic specifications of InnJoo Pro with lots of cool upgrades and some less cool features too.

Let’s take a closer look at the new model from the Smartphone giant!


InnJoo Pro2 boasts a 5.5-inch 1920*1080 FHD IPS display with 2.5D glass and 441PPI that render a really true to life bright images. Another cool distinctive feature of the device is its metal OGS-laminated body.

Octa-core CPU

The smartphone is powered by MediaTek MT6757 Helio P20 Octa-core processor that works with 900 MHz Mali-T880 MP2 GPU, DDR4, and Android 6.0 OS. Such super-powerful hardware will protect you from any freezing while using the phone. The device supports LTE network and dual SIM cards.

DDR4 memory

InnJoo Pro2 has 16-bit DDR4 memory and 6GB RAM! The storage capacity is 64GB ROM (expandable up to 256 GB with microSD card).

Touch front sensor

Fingerprint unlock works with the front physical button to help you unlock your smartphone in less than 0.2 seconds thanks to the SN9362N chipset.


InnJoo Pro2 sports 16MP rear camera that features PDAF function, rapid focus, dual-tone flash, f/2.0 large aperture and 6P lens. You will be able to shoot natural true to life pics! The front camera is 8MP and it’s designed for your perfect instant selfies.

Variety of shooting modes

The new phone’s camera features a variety of options like beautifying, Professional Mode and Panorama Mode. There’s the possibility of manual settings enabling you to use the phone’s camera as a professional one!

Powerful battery matches with Type-C USB

InnJoo Pro2 is equipped with 4000mAh rechargeable li-Polymer battery and matches with Type-C USB. The phone supports rapid charge MTK Pump Express technology as well as 15W, 12V and 1.5A charging condition. It takes only 2 hours to fully recharge but it will last you 27 hours of talking and 350 hours of standby time.

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Top 5 world’s largest agricultural tractors

The largest tractors in the world work along with the rest of heavy-duty machines, tirelessly moving giant volumes of rocks and other materials, hour by hour, day after day, year after year. Many of them are serial machines that are still being manufactured. If you are planning on ripping solid rock or stirring the leach field, we have got you covered.
Check these top 5 world’s largest agricultural tractors.

Big Bud 16V-747

This massive and impressive 8 meters long and 6 meters wide tractor shares some of the super-sized mining equipment DNA. Big Bud began its successful journey in 1977. Big Bud has a 16-cylinder Detroit Diesel 16V92T engine, that power the tractor to work 1.3 acres per minute at a speed up to 13 km/h. Now, this farm tractor is displayed at the Heartland Museum in Iowa, USA.

Big Roy Versatile 1080

The Big Roy tractor was presented to the public the same year as Big Bud. This massive machine of 9 meters long, 7 meters wide and 3.3 meters high was built in Winnipeg, Canada. This big boy has a 600 HP V-12 19L Cummins engine and employs 6-speed manual transmission to all four axles. The manufacturer suggested that Big Roy was aimed to operate on large farms in Australia, however, it never left Canada. Now the tractor is on display at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum, Canada.

AGCO Challenger MT975B

The Challenger runs the heaviest agricultural works in Europe, however, was built by an AGCO corporation in the US. The tractor measures 7.3 meters long by 4.8 meters wide and a bit over 3.6 meters tall. The tractor is powered by a 570 horsepower 18.1L Caterpillar diesel engine. The MT975B is undoubtedly perfectly sized machine for its weight.

Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 620

Launched in 2013 in North Dakota, USA, the Quadtrac 620 measures a respectable 7.6 meters in length and 4 meters in height. This giant is known as most powerful yet fuel efficient tractor. It is powered by of 682 horsepower 12.9-L Case IH FPT two-stage turbocharged diesel engine. One of the Quadrtrac main features that it can be steered under load in any working situation and offer optimum performance even in damp or difficult ground conditions.

Upton HT14/350 2WD

The HT14/350 was built in Corowa, NSW, Australia in 1978 by Upton. Less powerful than Quadric 620, the Upton HT14/350 2WD agricultural tractor is one the most powerful 2WD agricultural tractor that Australia ever built. It was powered by 350 horsepower Cummins NTC-350 turbocharged engine. Tractor production ceased in 1980.

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