5 Reasons To Switch From Android To iPhone

Choosing between the two most popular phone operating systems today, Android and iOS, is the most important choice you’ll have to make while picking your new smartphone. Each OS has its own advantages, but lately, more and more users are making a switch to iPhones. Find out why you should do it too and shop phones from top brands, including Samsung, Apple, Infinix, Tecno, an HTC, on Jiji: https://jiji.ng/mobile-phones.

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Software updates

Apple is very quick to release new updates to iOS and patches for fixing the system, especially when the OS is under any threat. Regardless of which Apple device you use or which carrier you’re signed to, you can expect updates to be delivered to your phone immediately after the release. Given the endless number of brands who make Android phones, not every Android user can enjoy the same update speed.

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Both App Store and Google Play have hundreds of thousands of apps, but App Store has at least two major advantages. First, software companies are more likely to release their apps for iPhone first, while Android users usually have to wait longer for the release. Second, even with similar functionality, iPhone apps are simply better looking than Android apps and boast an overall more appealing design.

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Resale value

Most smartphone buyers are already planning their next smartphone purchase while shopping for the current one. However, not all phones have equal resale value. iPhones made 3-5 years ago are still going strong in the used phone market, while used Androids lose most of their resale value in under a year from the purchase. iPhones may cost more right now, but you’ll be able to make more money off them in the future.

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Easier choice

Right now there are thousands of Android phones from dozens of manufacturers, and those numbers are not going down. With this kind of variety making a good choice of a smartphone can be trickier than you imagine. On the other hand, Apple releases just 2-3 new iPhone models every year, which means that all you have to choose is the desired price range, screen size, and hardware to pick your ideal iPhone.

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If security and privacy is a big concern for you, the iPhone is definitely a better choice for you. Nearly every aspect of your iPhone use is protected better than Android: from apps to financial data and from cloud storage to messages. Both operating systems take the security of their users seriously, but Apple is simply better at it.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

With the variety of tablets available in the market,  it is difficult to choose one that will be able to cover the array of activities for which one might need a device. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is an ultrathin and light mix of productivity and style on a budget. It is light and practical, has everything you need for your work or studies.


Externally,  the tablet looks like a typical Samsung gadget. Rounded edges, silver bezel, the button under the screen. Some people like this design, some do not. The front side is a seven-inch display. Under the screen, you will find two touch buttons, “Menu” and “Back”, as well as the usual “Home” button. On the right of the device you have power and volume buttons, and up top, you have a standard 3.5mm headphone port.


As its name suggests, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 has a 7-inch screen. Resolution is not the best, it has 1,024 x 600-pixel display with pixel density of 169 PPI. The viewing angles are solid, but in most other respects it is poor. The panel’s response times are mediocre, resulting in clear ‘trails’ when flicking between home screens or watching high-contrast, high-action content.


Samsung Galaxy Tab powered with a dual-core Marvel PXA988 CPU with 1GB of RAM, 8GB/16GB of internal storage, and expandable up to 32GB via microSD card. The power of the chipset is enough for everyday tasks: watching the video, surfing the web, checking mail etc.  The tablet has enough power to play most games, but if you intend to play only the latest games high demanding like Asphalt 8, then you should pay attention to something more powerful. Like all of Samsung’s Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 uses the TouchWiz interface, which works pretty well. TouchWiz is a funny-looking, colourful interface rather than a stylish one, and it gives an idea that the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 is a teeny bit toy-like.


The tablet has two cameras, but neither is any good. There is a 3.2-megapixel main camera with a fixed focus but has no flash. The front camera is enough for video chatting.


The device has a  non-removable 4000 mAh battery that can last up to 9 hours of continuous video playback. The tablet can go on a single charge two days of moderate use, which involved checking email, surfing the web and a little light games playing. In terms of connectivity, the Tab has a solid range of connections like Wi-Fi with WiFi-Direct support, Bluetooth and GPS. And there’s a 3G edition available at extra cost.


10 hidden features of Galaxy Note 4 that you did not know about

TouchWiz features a lot of software functions that expand the capabilities of the device. However, the Note series also has special features that its users have no idea about until now.

Samsung Mobile listed 10 hidden software features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – and we are going to talk about each of them in detail!

Links in messenger can show page preview

This feature saves your time while you are communicating. Whenever a link is sent to you, simply point your stylus at it, and you will see the preview of the page content in the pop-up window.

Event recording in S Planner

Press the stylus on the date in the application and record the timing of any event in the window that pops up.

“Meeting” mode in the voice recorder

The Galaxy Note 4 recorder detects up to 8 voices in this mode and you can edit their playback, add or remove voices from the soundtrack.

Caller Information

When you have an incoming call, the display will show additional information about the caller: birthday, meetings, messages and calls, in addition to the function buttons for call control.

Picture exposure control

This is an important function for photo enthusiasts, allowing you to automatically adjust the exposure depending on the focus.

The ability to take photos using a heart rate sensor

You find it inconvenient to take a selfie using the virtual camera shutter button on the display? Take a picture using the heart rate sensor: move your finger close to the sensor and a great selfie is ready!

Sound detector

When listening to music in headphones, you can fail to hear the doorbell or a crying baby. The smartphone is able to identify external sounds and warn you!

“Quick Settings”

In the main settings menu, the most frequently used options can be placed at the top. Click “+” to select.

Quick Connect

The device provides the quick connection to other devices via Wi-Fi.

Single-swipe mode

Swipe your thumb from the edge of the display to the centre and back – this will change the mode of operation, making it easier to use a smartphone with a large display.


Amazing results of Galaxy S6 Edge crash tests

The Samsung’s flagship has been tested for impact – and water-resistance. The authors of electronics consumer tests published the results of their research of the Samsung flagship smartphone’s resistance to impacts and moisture. We are now offering these results to your attention!


To our utter surprise, during the drop test, the glass of the screen and the glass back panel got broken only after the intentional impact of these parts of the device with the asphalt. In most cases, when the smartphone “accidentally” slipped out of hands, it fell on the solid metal frame, which almost did not damage the device.

Summing it up, the Galaxy S6 Edge survived five falls onto the asphalt from the height of 110 to 180 centimetres before cracks appeared on the glass surfaces.

Waterproof test

The fight against moisture was more difficult for the smartphone. When placed into clean water, it lasted almost 24 minutes. The author of the test reminded that in this case, it is necessary to take into account the absence of moisture protection in the Galaxy S6 Edge so even this result can be considered more than acceptable!

Information for your consideration

Despite some pointlessness of conducting such tests, testers try to create relatively realistic conditions, something that can happen in real life.

Many bloggers performed a crash test of the smartphone. Galaxy S6 Edge was thrown to the floor several times but still continued working. Unfortunately, the quality of the video tests leaves much to be desired, so it’s difficult for us to estimate small mechanical damages of the device.

What do they say in Samsung?

With a reasonable height and intensity of the impact, Galaxy S6 and its curved version will easily survive falling onto the back panel or the screen.

During the fall on the rib, the aluminium frame absorbs the impact before it reaches the glass, protecting the smartphone’s display from cracks.

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